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Social Goals for 2016: Research, Understand, and Sprinkle with Wit

In a world where we control the content, but not the memes, the reaction to social content is left up to interpretation. Each social media platform using a language of their own, forcing companies to become fluent in order to successfully reach their intended market or even try to entice them to like you.

This topic has been discussed for the better part of the last five years, yet we as public relations professionals still cringe, sometimes the occasional giggle, at some of the “don’ts” we see across the social media world.

So what makes or breaks your social content? Is it the funny caption that isn’t universally funny? The solid intention of jumping in on a hashtag while not knowing why it even started? The real reason we see social content fail is due to lack of research. And in many companies’ defense, continuously pouring out top-notch content is easier said than done, but here’s a new perspective.

As a person, not as the social guru of your company, what attracts you personally to certain social media posts by other companies? It’s usually the way they’ve communicated a point and how they’ve collaborated with their consumer base in an educational, yet entertaining way.

Communication is a given, it’s the reason we’re even in this business; but to effectively communicate we need to understand that just because we’re professionals in this field doesn’t mean communication has remained idle. As a matter of fact, social media has globally changed the way we all communicate. Understanding how to socially communicate is where it all begins.

In a collaborative piece you want to spark a dynamic conversation with your consumers. Here’s where you can be festive and human-like, not just share a story you think is relevant. Bring up Wednesday’s most talked about headline and run with it. Now, when we say run with it, we mean relevantly run with it. This involves a more in-depth understanding of pop culture not just surface level, but get creative! Talk to your audience, not at your audience.

Lastly, education and entertainment; for the love of the already unfiltered content pouring into newsfeeds, give the audience an educational laugh. This may sound like an oxymoron, but the best brands out there are passing out punch lines and taking names as they draw you in. Not only did you laugh, come two weeks from now, if someone asks you about a cookie company your first thought would still probably be Oreo from 2013’s SuperBowl blackout. That’s how you were educated, Oreo made themselves memorable.

Ultimately, it comes full circle. The level of communication varies on your understanding of the social world, this takes research. Collaboration is the understanding of said communication, and education and entertainment are the creative wit that make your content sparkle.

By: Jennifer Rangel

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