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Roxcy Bolton: Blazing the Trail for Women

South Florida feminist and women's rights activist, Roxcy O'Neal Bolton, passed away last week. A trailblazer of the women's rights movement, Bolton worked tirelessly to end sexist

advertising and helped organize efforts leading to maternity leave for flight attendants. She also organized marches against rape, brought public attention to the special needs of rape victims, and helped establish Miami-Dade’s Commission on the Status of Women, Crime Watch, and Women in Distress — the first rescue shelter of its kind in Florida. The opinionated powerhouse did not always win, but she never stopped fighting for what she believed was right. That is something we can all learn from.

Every community needs a Roxcy Bolton. Our own beloved late former state senator, Edmond J. Gong, was an advocate for women’s rights and had the privilege of working with Bolton in 1970 when requesting that the U.S. Congress pass the Equal Rights Amendment.

As a working woman in today’s competitive workplace, I thank her for being fearless in paving the way for my generation. She was an advocate, a voice, and the driving force behind many of the changes and rights that I enjoy today. Because of Bolton’s efforts and achievements—which history will record—the next generation of women are equipped to challenge and reshape communities and politics with fortitude and resilience. For that we should all be grateful, because empowered women can change the world.

By: Yeleny Suarez

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