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Miami's First Ever Growth Hacking Summit

Miami’s 1st Growth Hacking Summit, presented by The LAB Miami, centered on knowing one’s audience and the importance of crafting quality content.

Lab Ventures brought together leading marketing growth hacking experts from around the world. Attendees, from start-ups to large corporation, were given the chance to learn actionable solutions they could immediately implement to drive sustainable revenue growth, all from the lessons of experts like Felipe Millon from Amazon Prime Now to ESPN International’s Jose Cabanillas and many more industry pros.

The LAB Miami coupled laid-back networking and industry advice that left event-goers eager to implement. Netta Kivilis of Blue Seedling shared her gripping argument on the benefits of data journalism when trying to secure media outreach for companies. By re-purposing analytics into data-driven infographics and building a story around data that a product or company gathers, media outlets are more inclined to share that information for free, saving on PR expenditures and increasing the chances of it being read by the target audience. Kivilis also mentioned the power of a well-designed media list over spamming outlets or paying big bucks to distribute releases where they will never be read.

Justin Wu, founder of GROWTH.LY, grabbed the room’s attention when he broke down how he took his Kickstarter from $0 to $2 million in less than a month. His secret—planning out a workflow to push content on all channels to maximize reach and create content on different mediums quickly in context to each channel. Below is a flow chart that he developed. In essence, constant output of original content that drives engagement and has a call to action, whether its sales, donations, or simply sharing a post.

Photo credit: Justin Wu

Overall, the day-long event filled notebooks with industry tips and tricks that will hopefully turn confusion into growth and content into revenue. The LAB Miami hosted an incredible day of learning and is planning several similar events in the heart of the vibrant Wynwood Arts District. I encourage everyone to spend an afternoon at this creative campus, if not for a growth hacking event, then for a simple tour to get to know some of the entrepreneurial minds that occupy the space.

By: Agustina Goldbaum

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