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A Diamond Jubilee

Tradition calls a 75th anniversary the diamond anniversary, and is sometimes referred to as the diamond jubilee. It is considered by many to be the pinnacle of anniversaries, and is appropriately represented by one of the strongest substances on Earth, as well as one of the most desired.

At EvClay Public Relations, tradition is both valued and esteemed. We are proud to be celebrating our 75th anniversary this year, and do so with the greatest appreciation and gratitude for those we have worked with through the years.

When Ev Clay started the firm back in 1940, he could hardly have envisioned where the industry, let alone the world, would be today.

But he would have adapted in a responsive and nimble way. Affectionately known as “Coach,” he had the vision and forethought to strike out on his own after becoming the youngest sports editor at The Miami Herald.

Today, we are following the spirit that “Coach” epitomized, and have undergone a rebranding to commemorate our 75th anniversary. It has been quite a journey to say the least, but we are prepared, ready, and eager for what the future brings.

Though our exterior has been refreshed and updated, our core principles remain the same. Those principles have been, and will continue to be, the bedrock of who we are.

For a 75th anniversary, a diamond means “unconquerable and enduring.” With a deep understanding of our mission, possessing the right tools and methods, and having the right team—we look forward to this new chapter in our firm history.

By: Frances Gong

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